Sunday, January 4, 2015

Parque das Nações Week 12

Hey everyone! What a great week it was here and such an awesome Christmas! I thought that since it was the week of Christmas and this week is New Year’s it might be pretty hard to find people home and available to talk with us but it ended up being a super awesome and successful week. I took a ton of photos this week so I will tell about my week using pictures.

First, we gave out presents for Christmas. My friend, Elder Larkin, who is the Executive Secretary, had the awesome idea of wrapping Books of Mormon and making it super special to give people as Christmas presents. On the front, it had James 1:5 written out and it was super awesome. He gave some to my companion and me as a Christmas present and gave some to Elder Zwick and his company in Canindé. It was a very thoughtful gift and the people we gave them to loved it!!

We gave one to the family that gave me a ride to the hospital when I brought the basketball hoop down on my head two weeks ago. In this picture is Claudia and Clarissa. They are a great family that we are teaching!

We gave one to Beninha, but not for herself because she obviously already has one and is reading it a ton. But this was for her to seek out a friend at work and give it to them. She said she had already thought of the person to give it to! It was great and she is way excited to share the Gospel with her friends and has already asked about what she has to do to prepare to serve a mission. She was confirmed yesterday in church by the Stake President. It was awesome!

After watching The Restoration DVD with them, we gave Lourdes, Margery, and Elias a Book of Mormon for Christmas. Elias was super excited and already claimed it as his own but said he would let them read it too, haha. They are awesome and a super special family for me.

The street I walk everyday right near our apartment.

We were able to spend the last hour of our day on Christmas Eve at the Bishop´s house with his family and some less actives that we have been visiting. This is a picture of Bishop and his wife and his two boys and a young woman from the ward. They are awesome and I LOVE this family.

Elder Moroni and I celebrating Christmas morning in Fortaleza, Brazil!

Christmas lunch with our Ward Mission Leader, Marcelo and his mom, and our good friend, Marcílio. So great to spend some time with such great friends for Christmas! I love these guys!!

SKYPE WITH MY FAMILY!!!!!! So awesome to talk with them for a little bit on Christmas Day. I really miss them but am so happy that everything is going so well with them. There were two more people than there were the last time I skyped them (my little nephew, Cooper, and little niece, Gwen!) It was such a blast!
Saturday I did a companion exchange with one of the District Leaders in our Zone, Elder Galvão. We had a great day and had a day of success (20 contacts and 5 lessons). Elder Moroni and I are really working hard to get things better in our Zone and we are excited to see things improve. This week with have the Mission Leadership Council with President so we are excited for that!

We had quite a few people visit the church yesterday which was awesome! This is a picture of us and Paulo, someone we have been teaching for a while and came to church yesterday. The Book of Mormon that is in his hand is the one we gave him wrapped as a Christmas present. He loves it! We are super excited about a few other people who came to church yesterday and excited to see them each progress even more!

We got a ride to lunch in the back of the truck of the Stake President. It was fun and reminded me of the days out at the Ranch in Utah and Idaho with Grandpa. Good times!

Anyway, that´s it for the week. I hope you all have a good and safe New Year and that you are all ready with your goals. I know I have some awesome goals that I am excited to do! Have a great new year. HAPPY 2015!!!!


Elder Helvey

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