Monday, January 19, 2015

Parque das Nações Week 15

Hey! Wow, what an AWESOME week!! The week started off great with a Family Home Evening last Monday night and just got better until church yesterday with a ton of the people we are teaching there again!

Tuesday morning, Elder Moroni and I went to the bus terminal to meet up with the Assistants, who are both two of my really good friends. Elder Millett stayed with me in my area for the day which was so sweet. Elder Millett was in the MTC at the same time I was and we traveled here to Fortaleza together from Atlanta, so he´s been my good friend from the beginning. He´s also from California so that makes it even better. He´s from the Sacramento area. We had a CRAZY day with A TON of lessons and teaching with members, including the last two visits of the night with the Stake President, President Pereira. It was such a good day and we had a lot of success.

Elder Moroni and I then spent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in our area together and had some great experiences. We are really teaching some awesome people, including 4 really awesome families!

Saturday I spent the day in another area in our Zone with one of our District Leaders, Elder Cradozo. He worked with me in the Mission Office and we lived together in Aldeota for 3 months so I already knew him well. He is from Paraguay and a super chill guy. We worked a lot and had some great visits. It was fun to spend the day with him after such a long time.

Things continue to improve here in our Zone and we are excited about that. Church, as always, was awesome yesterday! We had a lot of people there again which is one of the best things that can happen on the mission. But unfortunately, we also had quite a bit of people that couldn´t make it this week. So we will be working more with them this week and teaching about O Dia do Senhor (The Day of the Lord). Should be a great week!

I am excited about it all. Things are really going well. I hope all of you have a great week and everything continues to go well.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
Until next week.

Elder Helvey

P.S. I hear that this Friday night is the big Pinewood vs. Sacred Heart game. I will be rooting Pinewood on from here in Brazil. GO PANTHERS!!!

 Family Home Evening with a few members and Anderson and Naízes.

Elder Millett from Sacramento, California.

Elder Cardozo from Paraguay.

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