Saturday, December 6, 2014

Parque das Nações, Brazil Week 8

Hey! How was Thanksgiving? It was great here. I mean Thanksgiving is not a celebrated holiday here but we had a mini celebration in our apartment. There were no turkeys, mashed potatoes, or pie but we had a good time making pancakes (with maple syrup!) and saying what we are grateful for. We called a few other missionaries and wished each other a happy thanksgiving and each said what we are grateful for, so it was a good day!

The week was really good! We visited a ton of people and again had a great week with visiting the people we are teaching with members of the church. It really helps our investigators feel a lot better about it and more excited to go to church. This week was a little difficult to get people to church again because a lot of the people that we are teaching that are progressing already had something to do on Sunday morning. But we already have a ton of people confirmed to go to church next week so we are excited! Anderson came to church again this week and loved it! He and Níazes are awesome and we are so excited for them. We started teaching a 22 year-old named Beninha, and she is really awesome. We visited her with a few members of the church already and she is very excited to come to church next week. She works at the grocery store here and we were talking to her about 2 weeks ago in the grocery store and set up a time for us to visit her and her family. It´s crazy how the Lord really puts people in our path that are so ready and needing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We found some other great new people to teach this week, too. We have really been focused on trying to talk to as many people as possible each day and as we have made the initiative to stop and talk with everyone in the street we have seen the miracles happen. Our days are very, very busy! We were stopped on the street this week by a man who has a son serving a mission in São Paulo and he told us he wants us to visit and that he also wants to visit the church. It was a cool experience and we were able to teach him once and marked a baptismal date. We have a few other people who have a baptismal date for later in December so we are excited and we are finding some really great people who have a desire to follow their Savior. I am very excited for the Christmas season and the opportunity I have to help people feel of the love God has for them. I am so grateful and even though it might be a little hard to be away from home for another Christmas, I know that I am helping many people change their lives to truly follow Jesus Christ and feel real joy and peace. (check out the video and website, It´s awesome!)

Anyway, it was a great week and I am very excited for this month. We are planning to do a ton of companionship exchanges this month with all the Elders in our zone so it should be awesome. Dang, I seriously love being a missionary!

Have a great week. Love you all.

Until next week.

Elder Helvey

We had an awesome family home evening with Anderson and a member family in our ward. 
It was so great and Anderson loved it! Family Home Evenings are seriously the best things ever!!

Our Thanksgiving feast! Pancakes and maple syrup. Oh yeah! 
Also, the hat I am wearing is a hat that Marcío gave me, one of the people we are teaching. 
He sells them (it´s not an authentic nike hat but it´s pretty dang sweet).

Beef Jerky was also part of our Thanksgiving feast.

Rafael (13 years-old) is a member in our ward who always loves spending the entire day doing 
visits with us. I gave him a pack of SweeTarts at the end of the day and he was very excited!

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