Sunday, April 19, 2015

Caucaia Week 9

Bom dia! Esta semana foi muito legal e estamos bem animados para o futuro!
Good morning! This week was super good and we are excited for the future!

Things were pretty normal this week. We didn´t travel to the interior and we didn´t do any divisions with other missionaries but it was good to stay in my area with my companion and work hard. We had another meeting with President for all the Zone Leaders and Disitrict Leaders in the mission which was the first time he had ever called for a meeting like that but it was cool and I liked it. 

Saturday we decided to visit a recent convert that hasn´t come to church in awhile and during our visit it was clear that his testimony had been shaken by a few preachers of other churches that live near his house and he told us that he doesn´t think he wants to go to church anymore. We testified of the truthfulness of the things we teach and invited him to do some visits with us. He accepted and it was awesome. The visits that we had planned on doing fell through and se we told him we were going to contact people in the street. The next thing we know he was talking to everyone and inviting everyone to visit the church and marking with people to visit them in their houses so that we can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. I was very surprised but it was awesome and it really got him excited and helped us out a ton. We ended up finding an awesome family with parents that are legally married and have 6 kids. It was an awesome experience!

Yesterday was super cool because Aurilene was confirmed and received the Holy Ghost. She is super excited and super happy. We are now working with part of her family and we hope we can help them out to visit the church and accept the Gospel. We had an old lady that we have been teaching that we call Tia (Aunt), come to church for the second time yesterday and we are teaching her and her nephew, Robson.

Overall, it was a good week and we are working hard and receiving a lot of help from the awesome members here in our ward. It has been raining a lot here but it´s all good. I like the rain more than the burning hot sun everyday. This next week we will be traveling to Pecém and Paracuru!

Thank you all for the love and support! I hope everyone has a great week!!
Until next week.

Elder Helvey

Pictures taken by a member of the church in Cam's area:

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