Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Caucaia Week 8

Hey everyone! What a special week it was!! On Tuesday I spent the day in Icaraí, Ceará with Elder Ribeiro. It was a great day and it was great to spend the day with a fairly new missionary. He is excited and we had some great experiences teaching together and a few funny experiences trying to contact people in the street. It´s always good to keep laughing through it all.

Thursday, Elder Evans and I spent in Aldeota for the Mission Leadership Council. It was very good and makes me more excited about the work here in our zone. We received awesome training from President Bonini and the Assistants about how we can better help each missionary in our zones fulfill their responsibility as a missionary and how we can truly be part of the process through accountability and following up. It was awesome and this week will be sweet because my good friend, Elder Millett, will be spending the day with my here in Caucaia on Wednesday. Should be great!

The week was made even better of course with General Conference on Saturday and Sunday. I had the opportunity to watch all of the sessions in Portuguese with the ward here and it was truly awesome! I am so grateful for modern day prophets and the messages that we heard and the things we can apply in our lives now. I loved President Eyring´s talk about Fasting and Elder Nelson´s talk about The Sabbath Day. And Elder Holland´s talk about the Atonement of Jesus Christ was outstanding!

The week was made even better when yesterday, on Easter Sunday, when Aurilene, the woman we have been teaching for about 3 weeks, was baptized! It was very special for her and for us and for many members of the ward that have visited her with us during these 3 weeks. She is a very special lady and is very excited about everything! She had been a little nervous leading up to the baptism but yesterday she said she felt a heavy feeling of peace and joy throughout the entire day and especially right after she was baptized. It was one of those awesome moments on the mission that we work so hard for and it has been such a blessing to see the change she has made in her life to follow the Savior.

Anyway, it was indeed a very special week here in Caucaia and we are excited for the next few weeks too!

Until next week.

Elder Helvey

 Preaching the gospel in the Sand Dunes of Icaraí!

Beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean while we were contacting people in the street.

A HUGE dog that really liked me haha. Seriously, it is HUGE!

Saturday in between the sessions of conference we had to take all the water out of the baptismal font with buckets because the pump isn´t working. It took a while it was super hard work but it was way worth it in the end.

Us four in our house each laying in our hammock! Brazilian style!!!

Elder Evans, Aurilene, and I right before she was baptized!

There are HUGE snails here. I thought it would be cool to eat it since my brother served a mission in France. But for some reason I think the snails in Europe that they eat are different. Just kidding, I didn´t eat it but it is still a cool picture to show how big these things are!

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