Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Parque das Nações, Brazil Week 6

Hey guys! Dang, this week was suuuper busy and had a lot of different things going on but ended up being super great! We were out of our area for about 3 days this week so that made it a little harder to visit the people we needed to but we still had quite a bit success and also had a great week doing other things!

Tuesday night Elder Goff and I went and stayed the night in Aldeota with the Secretaries and the Assistants which was super fun because we are really good friends with all of them and it felt like I was just in a big group of friends. It was great! Early Wednesday we went to the Polícia Federal so that Elder Goff could get all his documents in order to leave the country. It was actually really great to go back to the Polícia Federal and not have any responsibility. The new Executive Secretary of the Mission, Elder Larkin was doing everything and had everything well under control. It was great to watch! haha. It was so great to spend some good time with Elder Larkin and Elder Zwick. They are too of my best friends on the mission.

Thursday we had Zone Conference which was awesome! Half of the mission got together which is always fun to see so many Elders that I haven´t seen in so long and to receive instruction and training from the Assistants and President and Sister Bonini. They are awesome and I really loved it on Thursday! Friday Elder Goff stayed in Aldeota all day and I stayed here with Elder Carrasco and Elder L. Lopes. It was a great day and we found SO many new people to teach in their area!

Saturday and Sunday were great and it was hard to say goodbye to Elder Goff this morning. It was a great transfer with him and I learned a ton! We had a ton of fun and a lot of success. I will miss him a ton but am excited to see him at BYU next year.

I found out today that my companion will be Elder Moroni and he is an Elder that I know pretty well and really like already so I am super pumped. It will be his first time being a Zone Leader too so that is going to be awesome! He will get here tomorrow.

Anyway, it was a great week and am really looking forward to this week. Thank you all for the support and prayers. I love you guys!!

Until next week.

Elder Helvey

Adail and Cibelle took Elder Goff and I out to lunch on Tuesday to a really nice authentic food 
from Ceará (which is the state we are in). The good was great and we loved 
spending time with them to get to know them better.
Me, Elder Larkin and Elder Zwick! The family of Executive Secretaries at the apartment in Aldeota! Love these guys!!

Our visit to the Polícia Federal. Look familiar?

Eating lunch at the Zone Conference! So great to see so many old friends and companions. 
(Featuring my two buddies, Elder Bini, and Elder Tenney)

Friday I spent the day with Elder Carrasco from Lima, Peru and Elder L. Lopes 
from João Pessoa, Brazil. It was a great day!

Darcerio with Elder Goff and I, with me wearing an authentic hat from Ceará!

Last Sunday with Elder Goff!

Living the life in Brazil! Seriously, I love it here!!

Saying goodbye to Elder Goff super early this morning. He is on a plane to São Paulo 
as I am typing this right now. It was an honor to serve with such an awesome Elder!

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