Monday, October 27, 2014

Parque das Nações, Brasil Week 3

Hey! Well it was another great week here in our area and we are having a lot of success with the people we are teaching. We really are teaching some amazing people that truly have a desire to learn more and are very excited to progress. We also found some more people this week that we are excited about including an awesome family that has already become some of our good friends.

The week started on Tuesday spending the entire day with a 13 year-old member in our ward. He stayed with us the whole day visiting and teaching with us. He is only 13 but he is about the same size of Elder Goff and I so it was quite a sight to see from some of the people on the streets. 3 huge guys all well over 6 feet tall walking down the street. I think it was something that many of them had never seen in their lives. It was a lot of fun and we talked with a lot of people and had a great day of success.

We had a great visit this week with Adail and Sibeli a father and daughter that we have been teaching and they came to church again this week. They are really great people and we love them. They are preparing for baptism this week so we are all super excited!

We also have been visiting Priscila a lot this week and reading The Book of Mormon with her. It is so great to just sit down with the people we are teaching and read from The Book of Mormon together and really feel the Spirit present in our lessons. She is doing really well and we love visiting her!
We had a great missionary activity at our ward this week. It has been something that we have been doing since I got here. Throughout the month all the ward members have been doing missionary work and each thing they do they receive points and then at this activity everyone brought food and desserts and then you can buy things with the points you had earned. It was awesome and had a ton of people there! I really like this ward and the members here.

Saturday was one of the best days of my mission. We started the day early visiting a less active member named Ismael. He has become one of my best friends here and Elder Goff and I love visiting him. Before we read The Book of Mormon together we did some fishing in the river that runs through his property. It was awesome! We caught a ton of fish and had a great time getting to know Ismael better and helping him feel our love. He is going through a difficult time right now in his life but he is a man of much faith and we are excited for him to come back to church. He is so great! The rest of the day was filled with visiting people and teaching. Pretty much everyone was at home so we taught a TON and were able to find some new people to teach too. It is days like that where you get home so tired but it is so great to just take a shower and lay down in bed to sleep. It was truly a full packed day of missionary work, teaching, teaching, teaching. It was awesome!

Sunday was great as always and we had a great lunch with the Stake President and his wife. They are so great and love the missionaries! I really love them.

Anyway, it was another great week and excited for this next week. I wanted to quickly write and give a huge shout out to The World´s Best Dad! This week my Dad will be celebrating the BIG 50th Birthday with my family! Happy Birthday Dad! You´re the BEST! Have a great one!

I hope all continues to go well for each one of you and you all have a great week.

Until next week.

Elder Helvey

P.S. GO GIANTS!!! While I was in the Mission Office this morning I received word that my beloved Giants are one game away from winning the World Series. YEAH! GO SF GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!

We did a service project at the house of a member in our ward. It was awesome! 
We had us and a few men from the ward. We cleaned up her back yard,
 weeding and all and then burned it all. It was sweet!

Ismael and I fishing and drinking coconut water before we sat down right next to the river 
and read The Book of Mormon together. It was great!

Elder Carrasco from Peru, Elder Souza from Curitiba, Brasil, and Elder Goff and I. 
Elder Souza ends his mission this week so we will be getting a new Elder in our house. 
I will miss Elder Souza, he has become one of my good friends.

The view from our apartment building yesterday as the sun was setting. It is so beautiful here!

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