Monday, August 25, 2014

Biera Rio Week 13

Hey! Well it was another great week here in Beira Rio!! I love this area and I love this ward. And the better news is that I found out today that I will be staying here at least 6 more weeks with Elder Bini! Transfers are going to be tomorrow and we have quite a few missionaries that will be leaving our Zone which will be fun to get other missionaries. We also found out that our Zone will be receiving two new missionaries from the MTC. It should be another great transfer!

This week was awesome and I have a lot of pictures to explain the week.

Zona Litoral! The biggest Zone is the Brazil Fortaleza Mission!! We had our last meeting with our Zone on Wednesday. It´s always fun to be together with so many missionaries. Each week our entire Zone has a meeting where we split up into two groups have trainings on how to become better missionaries. It´s great to see the progress of so many and to become good friends with so many missionaries.

I did a companion exchange this week in another area in our Zone. I stayed with Elder Calisaya from Peru. This is a picture of me in front of a big lake in their area. We had a great day doing a ton of contacts! He is a new missionary so it was great to help him feel more comfortable with talking to people on the streets and in front of their houses. We did a lot of contacting and helped their teaching pool grow a little bit. It was a long, hot day in the sun but it was good.

Friday Elder Bini and I did another companion exchange. This time we went to their house early in the morning and made breakfast with them, which was fun!

I then returned to my area and spent the day with Elder Smyth from Danville, California. It was fun to spend the day with him and talk about all the mutual friends we have back home. We  had a full day of teaching and were able to have a great lesson with Carmosita, and we visited Junior, Elizangela, Vitor Hugo, and Ryan with two of our ward missionaries and we all read the Book of Mormon together. It was a great day!

Church was awesome yesterday! This is a picture of Elder Bini and me waiting at the entrance of the church to greet people as they walk in (something we try to do every week).

Michael and Lidiane! This is a couple that we have been teaching for two weeks now. They are so great and yesterday they came to church. They really loved it. Michael had been looking for the truth in his life when we showed up at his house. He is super excited about the Gospel and we are working a lot with him and Lidiane. They are preparing to get married. I marked their marriage today at the Cartório in Centro, Fortaleza. Their marriage will be September 19th. We are super excited for them!

This is us with Junior, Elizangela, Vitor Hugo, Ryan, and two of their cousins that they brought to church yesterday. This family makes me so happy! Yesterday during Sunday School in the Gospel Principles Class the lesson was on Missionary Work. Towards the end of the lesson, Elizangela rose her hand and started talking about how important missionary work is for her and her family. She explained a little bit about her conversion story and said the first visit with Elder Pedrosa and I she knew that this was what was missing in her and her family´s life. She said that the first visit, everything we said was exactly what she needed to hear. She knew that we were sent from her Heavenly Father and she says that she feels now like the doors of heaven have been opened to her, thanks to the missionaries. It was a great experience that she shared with everyone and made me feel super grateful for the opportunity I had to come in contact with her and her family and act as an instrument in the Lord´s hands to help them on the path back to our Father in Heaven.

We had our weekly meeting with the Priesthood Executive Meeting. In this photo there is, Felipe (Elder´s Quorum President), Elder Goff and I, Tiago (Ward Secretary), Bispo Felix (Bishop), and Paulo (Second Counselor). They are all great and I love working with them and learning from them every week.

Elder Goff and I cut our hair last night! It had gotten a little too long and it feels so much better to have short hair again, especially in the hot sun of Ceará!

Me in the park right near the Cartório in the center of the city this morning.

Elder Allen has officially left... It was awesome to see him one last time in the Mission Office this morning. He was just hanging out there before his flight today. He has been my best friend on the mission and it will definately be way different without him but I will take everything I have learned from him and be sure to apply it these last 10 months of my mission! And I´ll be sure to see him again at BYU!!

Anyway, that´s my week. I am ready and excited for another great week and another great transfer here in Vila Velha, Fortaleza!!

Elder Helvey

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