Monday, February 23, 2015

Caucaia Week 2

Hey! Well this week was very, very busy. It involved a lot of planning, traveling, and meetings with other missionaries, but it was way awesome! We traveled all over our zone this week visiting and training the missionaries in each area. I took a ton of picture so I will tell all about my week using pictures.

This was my view for much of the week from the bus as we left Caucaia and traveled 
to visit the missionaries in each city (Paracuru, Pecém, and Itapipoca).

On Tuesday, we visited the city of Paracuru, where there is a small but growing branch 
of the church. These are the four Sisters that are serving there with me and Elder Evans. 
We had a great training meeting with them and they are excited!

The church there is just a house, compared to the regular, huge church buildings that are all over Fortaleza. It was fun to see where the members meet every Sunday.

This is at the Bus Station in Paracuru as we were leaving. After the training meeting 
we had a great lunch at a member´s house with the Sisters. 
It was great to visit Paracuru and I am excited to see the growth of the church there.

On Wednesday, we stayed here in Caucaia and had a great training meeting with 
the 2 other Elders in Caucaia, 4 Sisters from Planalto, and 2 Elders w
ho are serving in the nearby city of Icaraí. 
It is a great group of missionaries and it was a great meeting.

Thursday, I spent the day with Elder R. Oliveria in his area to see how things are going there 
and to train him. He has about 9 months on the mission and has a great companion 
so things are going great there. But it was fun to spend the day with him 
and we had a day filled of finding and teaching people.

Friday morning, Elder Evans and I traveled out to Pecém, which also has a small but growing branch of the church. Like Paracuru, the members of the church meet in a small house. 
This is us in front of the house!

Us with the Sisters in Pecém. We had a great training meeting with them as well and I am excited to see them find more people who are ready for the Gospel. It was a great trip to Pecém!

We woke up super early on Saturday morning to go to Itapipoca. 
This is us waiting for the bus at about 5:30AM.

IT POURED! And by the time we finally got to the Bus Terminal in Fortaleza,
we were SOAKING WET!

We had a great training meeting there and a great lunch with the Sisters 
and members there in Itapipoca.

Last photo. Look at what I found here in Caucaia!!! The biggest snail I have ever seen in my life! That is my hand next to it, and remember, my hand is pretty big haha. 
Seriously this snail was HUGE!

Alright, I have many other pictures but that is all I have time for this week. But know that I am doing great and really loving my new area and my new zone. Have a great week!
Until next week.


Elder Helvey

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