Monday, June 23, 2014

Beira Rio, Brazil Week 4

Hey everyone! This week was good. Elder Pedrosa and I are working hard and have some awesome investigators. We have been teaching Renaldo since my first week in the area and he loves having us over. He works security for one of the professional soccer teams here so he is HUGE! But he loves having us over and always asks when our next "study session" with him will be. Unfortunately, he worked yesterday during church so he couldn´t come to church but he is excited to visit next week and learn more.

We have also been teaching a man named Marçiano who showed up to English class the first week I was here. The first week he didn´t want a visit from us but the after the second English class he said we could come by. So we have been teaching him for about two weeks and he´s awesome. He is really interested in the church and when we taught the lesson of the Restoration he was really excited and said he would pray to know if it is true. He seems to really have a desire to know the truth. But unfortunately, he, too, was unable to come to church this week.

Last week Elder Pedrosa and I were walking on the street and passed by a shop that had one of the World Cup games playing on the TV. I walked by and said "tudo bem?" to the guy that was standing in there and he gave an excited "tudo bem!" back to me. I asked him how the game was going and we started talking. We asked if we could visit him in his house to share a message with him because he was interested in what we do as missionaries. So we visited him this week and he is awesome! He is 20 years-old and his name is Bruno. He had a lot of questions and wanted to know what it´s like in our church. We explained our basic beliefs and explained the message of the Restoration to him. He seemed to really like it and was asking us how we came to know that the church is true. His Dad also had lots of questions for us. Unfortunately, Bruno was super sick when he passed by his house to walk to church together, but he said for sure he wants to visit next week.

We are teaching a lot of more people including two families that we are excited about. Our major difficulty is getting people to church. The church building is about a 25-30 minute walk from parts of our area so that creates some difficulties. But Elder Pedrosa and I are planning to work a lot with the members that live close to our investigators to help them come to church. That´s something I really want to start doing more is working with the members because we have a great ward and I think many are willing to help.
The World Cup is crazy here and EVERYONE watches it and talks about it but it´s fun to be in the middle of it and use it as a way to start talking to people and visit them. Brasil has a game today so everyone is pumped up about that. And, yes, I heard Kobe Bryant was here in Fortaleza watching one of the games this week. Why didn´t he stop by and say hi to me? haha, too bad!

This week we have a mission conference with President and Sister Souza and it will be hard to say goodbye to them. And then President and Sister Bonini will get here at the end of this week. I am excited to meet them! Should be an exciting week.

Anyway, that´s it for me this week. Thank you all for the love and support! Miss you and love you guys but I am doing great!

Until next week.


Elder Helvey

(Unfortunately I can´t send any photos this week because the USB slot on the computer I am using isn´t working.)

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