Monday, April 21, 2014

Aldeota, Brazil Week 23

Hello and Happy late Easter! I hope everyone checked out and was able to focus on the life and teachings of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Last Monday we said goodbye to Bruno as he left for Europe. It was sad to say goodbye because we have become such close friends and I will miss him but I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to share the gospel with him and see his life change. What a blessing the gospel has been in his life! On Tuesday night we headed down to the main shopping center in Aldeota to see the performance of Jesus the Christ. It was a multi-stake production by the church in Fortaleza and it was so crowded. They did a great job and I knew some people in the show and I was also able to see some people from my first area, Ala Sevilha, which was so fun! Also, there were a ton of missionaries there so it was great to see so many of my good friends here on the mission.

Elder Vallo and I received a referral this week and when we looked at it, it was our neighbor. He literally lives on our same floor the next door over. It was great to visit him and then to also teach his mom and another lady that lives in our building. We had a great lesson with them and we explained our purpose as missionaries and had a great discussion with them about the importance of Christ and his gospel. Unfortunately, they had other appointments Sunday and were not able to come to church but I am hopeful they will this next week. He was driving by us on the road this morning and yelled "Oi, Élderes!" which was fun. He is a great guy who lost his leg in an accident when he was in his 20s but he told us "don´t you dare feel sorry for me because I don´t feel sorry for myself! I have kept on living life to the fullest and I think the most important thing in life is to just be happy and stay positive." He is a great example to me about making the most of your situations. I am excited to continue to visit him!

We had many appointments this week but a lot of them fell through. We went out to teach and visit people with Jorgy, the son of Irmã Jane one day. It was a lot of fun getting to know him better. He is 19 and I called to see if he could come out with us and when we showed up he was ready in his church clothes which was so great. He is preparing to serve a mission so it was a great time!

One day this week Elder Vallo and I spent much of the day out of our area doing things for the mission. We had to go to a hospital to pick up some exam results for a missionary and we went to visit and get everything ready at a new house that the mission is renting for next transfer. Which by the way, transfers are next Monday which of course is always a fun time in the mission office. Unfortunately, Elder Muniz will be leaving because he is done training his replacement so I will be sad to see him leave the office since we have been here together for such a long time. As for me, we´ll see if I train the new executive secretary this next transfer or not. We will be getting 13 new missionaries so it will be exciting to welcome them as it always is.

Well that´s about it for this week. Sorry there isn´t too much else going on. Next Monday is transfer meetings which means early morning drop off at the airport and then transfer meeting and afternoon drop off at airport. Should be a long but awesome week! I hope all is going well for all of you and as it says on a little paper we have taped up in the mission office "Have the best week yet!"

Until next week.

Elder Helvey

 All four of us played a game last week at the church for P-day! It was a lot of fun!!

View of the city in the background from our church building.

We had one last get together with Bruno, his dad, and some of his friends.

It rained a lot this week and after walking to a lunch appointment, 
we got there and were completely drenched. The ocean is in the background of this picture.

This is what I make myself to eat these days in our apartment when we get home each night at 9:30. 
Some juice, and a nice ham and cheese sandwich with mustard! haha just like home!!

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