Monday, November 4, 2013

Sevilha, Brazil Week 5

Oi! Has another week really gone by already?! Wow, time is flying by. I am loving it here and we had another GREAT week! We taught a lot this week and got some awesome new investigators although we are having trouble with people not coming to church. We have an awesome group of people and families we are teaching but a lot of them are not coming to church which is disappointing. Most of them really want to come to church but unexpected things come up that make them not able to come to church. But we continue to work hard and do all we can and we know the Lord will help us out with this. We made our weekly goals last night and I am way excited for this next week!

We attended a birthday party of a 9 year-old boy in our ward and it was a lot of fun to see how Brazilians celebrate birthdays. We had a great time and had lots of food and cake. Also, this week I went on a companion exchange with Elder Wadsworth from Idaho. He came into my area and it was a ton of fun, we were laughing a lot and I really enjoyed the day with him. This week we ate lunch with a member from the ward that had just gotten back from Utah. He had been there for conference and stayed with some friends in Salt Lake. He also said he got a tour of BYU so it was a lot of fun to talk with him. We also got to attend our ward mission leader´s chapel wedding this week so that was a lot fun.

A funny moment this week was when Elder Christiansen and I were out teaching with a member named Átila and we were at the door of this house and a car drove by and drove through this big puddle right next to us and it completely drenched Elder Christiansen and Àtila. We were laughing for quite awhile about that one, especially me because I didn´t get wet at all.

Yesterday there was an American family visiting from Utah at church so it was fun to talk with them, although pretty weird to speak English outside our house. He had served a mission here 15 years ago and was just returning now with his wife and parents. It was cool to spend some time with them.

We started teaching the man named Daniel this week and we are so excited about him. We taught the Restoration to him and he loved it and we are excited about his potential. Although he owns his own bakery and a lot of his business is on Sunday morning, but we taught about the Sabbath Day and he said he is going to prepare and make plans to be able to attend church. It was awesome when he said that because we can tell he really wants to come to church and is willing to sacrifice for the Lord.

We taught many other new people and continue to teach our normal people too. I wish I had time to write about each one of them and tell you all about them but I don´t have time. My Portuguese is really coming along well! I have been diligent about studying and the Lord has helped me a ton. This week he blessed me with the courage to open my mouth more and just talk and it has really helped me improve rapidly this week.

Well I have to go, I hope you are all doing well. I have felt the love and prayers this week, so thank you! I hope you all have another great week!

Until next week.


Elder Helvey

 Last week we decided to de-ice our freezer and we turned the kitchen into Antarctica. 
We used the broom to play that Olympic sport, curling. haha it was fun!
 This is a picture of me at my study desk. I got O Livro de Mórmon and The Book of Mormon, 
going back and forth between Portuguese and English, Portuguese and English.
This is a picture of Elder Christiansen and me with some kids from a family from the ward. 
We had lunch with them after church.

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